Friday, February 24

Margaritas - A Bartender's Secret

Well, folks, in a massive effort to graduate on time, I no longer cook because I do not have the time.  Or, more accurately, I no longer have the time to dream about delicate morsels and hefty dollops of culinary genius, let alone producing said bits of goodness.  I still cook daily, but my diet consists of more baked sweet potatoes than I am willing to admit.  ($.89/lb, in case you were wondering...)  Potatoes and cheese and tea and chocolate with an occasional bag of carrots thrown in there.

Fortunately, I have a whole archive of eateries and past productions that remind me of simpler days when the whisk had to be washed at least one a day...

This recipe is not so much a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish as it is the direct result of my mother's ability to charm the mixologic secrets out of the most tight-lipped of barkeeps.

from Some Unsuspecting Bartender

1 can of Minute Maid Limeade (frozen and concentrated)
Your finest (by which I mean cheapest) available Tequila
the blender you bought freshman year of college
Salt (optional)
Limes (optional)

Dump the entire thing of Limeade into the blender.  Don't destroy the little cardboard tube in the process because it serves as a nice concentrated Limeade-to-tequila ratio-indicator.  

Add however much tequila suits your fancy.  I would start out with anywhere from a half to three-quarters of the container just to get an idea of what you are in for.  

Tequila Reposado all night long

BLEND!  Blend to your heart's desire!

In order to salt the rims, use either a damp cloth or a lime wedge and moisten the lip of your cup.  Dump some (a lot of) salt on a plate and invert the cup/glass/thing.  Push the salt around until the cup is salted appropriately.  Consume.  Preferably while icing the drink with chili pepper-shaped ice cubes.

que delicioso


I think "mixologic" sounds too much like "techonologic" to ignore:

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