Friday, June 3

Gene's Liquor

Gene's Liquor is on the corner of Taraval and 21st St.  Yes, this place is part liquor store, but they've managed to convert the behind-the-counter area into a sandwich-making area and it is so good.  Like award-winning good.  Plus, I went here so frequently in high school that I had a "usual."  That is one of my proudest accomplishments.

I don't know this person

I always (always) order a turkey-avocado with mayo, lettuce, and provolone.  They heat the sandwich and it is unbelievably good.  It is somewhat of an art to eat the sandwich without letting the copious amount of avocado escape through the bottom, but you'll get through it.

I'm home

I think the sandwich (with avocado) is just short of $8, but I usually throw in some type of beverage for $8 something.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.  And even better, Mr. Gene-man (the owner... I call him that because his name isn't actually Gene) remembered me.  After two years.  So proud!

I've been in San Francisco the past two days and it has been absolutely gorgeous:

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