Saturday, June 11

Watermelon Juice

I'm not actually a big fan of watermelon juice, but I have managed to place it on this huge pedestal in my mind because if I did really love it, there is huge money-saving potential here... Instead of buying the incredibly expensive juice, buy the watermelon and blend it!  So simple!  So brilliant!  So much fresher and tastier!  Nevertheless, I bought a whole watermelon (the first one I think I've ever purchased).  Do you have any idea how much watermelon is in a watermelon??  So after slicing all these bite-size chunks, filling an entire platter/bowl/serving thing with fruit, and surveying the remaining half of the watermelon, I made watermelon juice.

Watermelon Juice

bits of watermelon
1 lime

In case you didn't get it above, blend a bunch of watermelon in the blender, which is where the blending happens.  I added the lime juice from one lime to add a new flavor-dimension to the juice.  If you don't drink it immediately, watermelon bits will separate.  You can strain it if it bothers you.

I think I'm trying to channel summer through my beverages.  Anyway, here is The Muff's "Kids in America"..  Yay 90's music!

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