Sunday, August 28

Places I Wanted to Eat: Philadelphia & DC & Baltimore

Thanks mostly to my grandmother's wanderlust and tendency to settle in remote villages and my parents own traveling aspirations, I am fortunate enough to be twenty years old and fairly well travelled.  However, this is the first trip that I have planned, paid for, and embarked on by myself.

Notice the "paid for" part.  As a direct result, I managed to survive eight days on $32.04 worth of food.  In other words, I passed up on eating out.  It was not that difficult...  My meals were perhaps not balanced, but I was always satisfied (rice goes a looong way).  Still, here is a list of places to eat that I have yet to sample, although their reputations DO precede them:

(There may be a few cultural events or bookstores thrown in here as well because I cannot resist..)

so many books! so many books
that I am now carting across the coast!

Washington, DC
  • Ben's Chili Bowl (apparently they ship to all 50 states as well)
  • Julia's Empanadas
  • On the Fly (a fleet of eco-friendly SmartKarts)
  • Johnny's Half Shell
  • Chinatown Express
  • Dukem Ethiopian
  • Sundays 3-9pm in Meridian Hill Park for a drum circle and African dancing
  • The MLK Dedication.  I was heartbroken that Irene ripped this experience from me.
I actually did eat at Dukem Ethiopian

the good men of Tommy Dinic's
  • Tommy Dinic's
  • The Book Corner
Mercifully, Mary and Margaret were there in Philly to impart their wisdom and experience, so I will have to go again to expand my bucket list!  If that makes sense.

  • Red Emma's (a cafe and bookstore)
  • Faidley's crab cakes in Lexington Market
  • Free music IN Lexington Market
  • Batimore Farmers' Market
  • Zeke's Coffee (it truly is unbelievable what $14/lb coffee grounds can do)
motto? read, revolt
If you are ever in a position to do any of these things, do not hesitate!  These are recommendations from international travelers, hostel (hostile? hah!  No, everyone was really nice!) staff, and the local city-dwellers.

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