Sunday, August 28

Tommy DiNic's

The powers that be have decided that pork is forgotten more often than not, and that is a tragic situation that we here aim to rectify through lots o' pork.

Tommy DiNic's is in the Reading Terminal Market on Arch St and 11th St N in Philly.  They sell the best pulled pork in all of Philadelphia as demonstrated by the many framed and laminated reviews within sight of the register (one review proclaimed capitally, "PIG OUT!") and I cannot say that I disagree.

While I do not totally understand how pulling and shredding the pork alters the flavor, I think that the pork can be pulled is in fact a symptom of a slow-cooking process that tenderizes the meat in that succulent way.  If that is the case, the good ol' boys at Tommy Dinic's have mastered the slow-cooking process.

This was one of my first meals in Philadelphia, and it did not disappoint.  Each sandwich is huge and costs $7-$8.  Order from the man at the register who is a savant for orders and receipts and faces and proudly march to the bar, a table of your choosing, or out into the street.  Margaret and I preferred to stay inside to avoid the heat and listen to the pianist nearby.  We may or may not have scoured the surroundings from our vantage point for the next target (dessert) despite the ever increasing strain on our belts.

the italian sausage - just as good, not as famous
pulled pork with grilled peppers

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