Tuesday, August 30

Sweetbox Cupcakes

Sweetbox Cupcakes, Guapos Tacos' roaming companion, also usually resides in the LOVE/JFK Park in Philadelphia.  Clearly the goods go fast; by the time Margaret and I talked each other into checking out the menu, many of the favorite cupcakes were gone.  This was probably a good thing because the two cupcakes we did sample were to die for and the decision process would have been that much more harrowing if we had had more options.

We bought a strawberries and cream cupcake and the other was chocolate hazelnut.  Each cost $3 (only $.25 more than a Magnolia cupcake!), but some of the other options were $2.50.  Either way, it was three dollars with which I easily parted.

Each cupcake was artfully baked and decorated.  Nevertheless, I experienced the slightest moment of skepticism when I saw the undeniable pinkness of the cake.  Oh, I of little faith!

The strawberry cake was clearly made with real strawberries because it somehow managed to convey the freshness of the fruit.  The chocolate hazelnut cupcake was just as good, if not as unusual.  Topped with chopped hazelnuts, the cake was chocolate and drizzled with a rich ganache.  It was the perfect combination of nuttiness and that deep chocolaty taste of which we always approve.

As we enjoyed our well-deserved treats, we listened to some incredible singers in the park.  For future reference, check this website for cultural events, performances, and exhibits hosted by Fairmont Park.

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