Monday, August 29

Guapos Tacos

I am beginning to think that food carts are going to take over the world.  From Portland (the land of food carts selling fried pie) to New York (the island of Wafels & Dinges and A-Pou's Taste Cart) and, as I recently discovered, Philadelphia.

Guapos Tacos, from what I can tell from their twitterings, generally plonks down in the LOVE Park (offically JFK Park) alongside Sweetbox Cupcakes (more on them later).  Margaret and I split an order of the Green Chili Chicken Tacos.  Unlike many other tacos, these were lighter although it is hard to explain exactly how.  The shells were not as fried-to-crispness and maybe that was it.  Or maybe it was the radish on top that completely threw me a loop.  Regardless, the meal was delicious and worth the wait in the line under the radiating sun.

green chile chicken tacos

The order of tacos cost $6, which we were only too happy to give to the food cart covered in a geometric pattern of beer bottle caps.

if the wait is a little long, try identifying all the beer caps

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