Thursday, April 28

A-Pou's Taste Cart


So clearly I go to Trader Joe's quite frequently.  At school, the closest store is on 72nd St. & Broadway and every time I go I see a couple carts parked right outside.  On the way in I am too excited the proximity of Trader Joe's and on the way out I am laden down with my copious bounty.

the man at work... you can just recognize the reflection
of the Trader Joe's logo in the top right corner...

However, last week, Caitlin and I finally stopped at A-Pou's Taste cart after shopping and purchased an order of their dumplings.  (I think they are technically Taiwanese pot-stickers.)  Since then, I have also sampled their dumplings with my sister.  Oh dear lord they are delicious.

Basically, they offer vegetarian, chicken, and pork dumplings.  Serving sizes range from five to fifteen dumplings with prices from $3.50 to $9.50.  Yes, you can get like four dumplings for $1 in places like Flushing.  Tragically, it's not totally possible to go to Flushing all the time, but this cart will do in the mean time!

ten chicken dumplings, all lined up

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