Friday, March 30

Alice's Tea Cup

I am not a huge fan of Alice's Tea Cup on W 72nd St right off of Columbus.  Yes, they offer a wide variety of well-brewed teas and the salads are crisp dressed with tanginess .  Yes, the concept and decor are adorable.  For some reason, I still do not like eating here.  Or, more specifically, I still do not like paying to eat here.  Unless I am supping with a group of 12 year-old girls, I prefer to go elsewhere.  It is probably because I think I can replicate most of their dishes at a fraction of the cost, even if my productions do not taste quite so good.

I will say that Alice's sells an impressive number of scones.  While I do make delectable scones, I am craving bread products.  That is why I bought two before a Trader Joe's excursion a few days ago.

a currant scone (right) and
a berry scone with white chocolate

Their scone selection varies day to day, which I have to respect.  Moreover, each scone comes with a little container of cream and jam for smearing purposes.  So, for $3.50 a piece, I will belly up to Alice's counter and shamelessly plaster each crumb with raspberry preserves and homemade clotted cream.

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