Sunday, March 25

Merilu Pizza Al Metro

I do not think I will ever live long enough to fully appreciate everything that Hell's Kitchen has to offer.  Not only are there dozens and dozens of places to eat and drink, but I also cannot resist going to old favorites such as O'Flaherty's and Room Service whenever I am in the neighborhood.

pizza margherita

Thankfully, someone recommended Merilu Pizza Al Metro, so I bravely led a group of friends past bars, bakeries, and bistros to the little pizzeria on 9th Ave between 52nd and 53rd St.  Apparently, Merilu, the owner and mother of four, brought the recipes for the pizza from her home in Torino, Italy.  I interpret this as a divine indication that I should go to Torino.  And sample all pizzas.

The pizza was excellent, mostly due to their incredible sauce and thin crusts.  The guy behind the counter was nice and patient as I tried to overcome fatigue and place an intelligible order.  Overall, a slice of pizza margherita and a root beer cost less than $6.  There is a good chance that buying pizza from Merilu before bar hopping in Hell's Kitchen will become my new default activity.  Prepare accordingly.

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