Sunday, March 18


Spring Break is tragically drawing to a close.  My body is physically rejecting this reality with a lovely pounding in my noggin.

I spent the time off school by communing with friends, meandering through emotionally exhausting museums, and eating.  Yes, eating.  In fact, the majority of my time was spent walking between feeding stations.  One particularly memorable day, I snacked on an apple and a coffee in Union Square, then marched the seven blocks to an Italian pastry shop to devour a cannolo before wandering over five blocks to an ice cream shop to sample their product, and finally finishing the afternoon's grazing two blocks to the west by gorging myself on some Belgium french fries.  Three hours later, after digesting a reasonable amount, I dined on a lobster roll.

The week's major festivities concluded on St. Patrick's Day with a little bit of bar-hopping and a lot of day-drinking.  I managed to claw my way into a couple Irish bars with varying degrees of respectability.  This place was by far my favorite.  I dedicate this post to the gentleman I met in line for the bathroom.  He decided to take advantage of the bathroom light switch's location outside the door and destroy the aim of the man using the toilet.

O'Flaherty's Ale House & Restaurant, located on 46th St. between 8th and 9th Ave, is an Irish pub.  Shockingly.  I stumbled upon this gem with some friends earlier in the year and decided to return for St. Patrick's Day.

First of all, I loved this place the first time I imbibed there.  The waitress was hysterical and very helpful, the beers on tap were generous in size and reasonably priced, the live music was pretty good and not at all obnoxious, and the crowd was good-natured and entertaining.

the darling patrons

It is not immediately apparent, but this place is freaking huge.  And somehow this translates into a bit of everything, decor-wise.  There is a bar with bar stools and the like at an appropriate distance from what I can only assume is a strapping young Irishman playing the guitar.  There is a backyard (that's right) with outdoor seating and flora.  There are couches surrounding small tables.  There is another couch framed by shelved books next to a coffee table.

the appetizingly-colored corn beef

On St. Patrick's Day, a friend of mine ordered their corned beef entree.  We were a bit skeptical, but that meal kept us going for the next five hours.  The corned beef and adjacent cabbage were fortifying and perfectly complemented the beers.  I discovered a drink called The Black Velvet.  If, like me, you have struggled to choose between a thick, dark beer (like Guinness) and something a little lighter (such as hard cider), never fear!  The Black velvet is a beer cocktail that is historically made with wine or champagne, but for our purposes at O'Flaherty's is made with Granny Smith's Cider.  Order it!  It is basically adult candy.

this is a horrible photo in all respects
but I post it because the guy in
the background is sporting a
green mustache.

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