Monday, March 19

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Ever so bravely, the city of New York is entirely side-stepping Winter and fluidly transitioning into Spring.  I have accepted the snowless months behind us and so decided to embrace sunlight, wool-less outfits, and 70 degree weather.  Mostly because this means I can eat ice cream in public without enduring the incredulous looks of passersby.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (check out their website - the photos are very funny) is on 7th St in the East Village between 1st Ave and Avenue A.  I think the men working there at the time were actually the owners.  I hope they are because they were amazing.  Each created ice cream wonders confidently and without pause, which I'll admit is the way to my heart.  As they made salty pimps and cococones, they talked to each other and casually invited each customer to contribute their thoughts on curried coconut and the unicorns on the walls.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is particularly known for their Salty Pimp.  One man gouges streaks of dulce de leche into the sides of swirled vanilla ice cream.  The cone, our stage for this drama, is inverted and the ice cream is dusted with sea salt before it is dumped into liquid chocolate.

salty pimp

I also sampled the Cococone, which is vanilla ice cream covered in toasted curried coconut.


And here are the photos I attained by accosting fellow customers/friends:

american gobblers, perhaps?


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