Wednesday, April 27

The City Bakery

This is another place off of Union Square.  The City Bakery is on 18th St. between 6th and 7th Ave.  It offers a whole slew of things, from collared greens to mac & cheese, but the best things there are the baked goods (ie the cookies) and the hot chocolate (although I would approve of coffee as well).

The cookies are inexplicably crisp and chewy, especially the chocolate chip cookie.  The hot chocolate at this place... oh where to start.  It is a disservice to the beverage to call it hot chocolate (which you all know I value, immensely).  Almost more of a mud than a liquid, it is rich and almost syrupy and oh so flavorful.  In fact, it is so rich that I would pretty much recommend ordering the smallest serving - maybe like two shots of the ambrosia - if you've had any form of cream within 12 hours (or if you want to finish the cookie without throwing it up).

the frothy brew

Most importantly is the significance of the month of February.  For this entire month, the City Bakery offers a new and brilliant flavor of hot chocolate.  I had the privilege of sampling the Fig & Spices Hot Chocolate on one of the last days.  And during these winter months, don't forget a homemade marshmallow.  It melts but doesn't mix with the liquid/mud/stuff.  Instead it sits on top and waits to be consumed.

The hot chocolate and the cookies will cost you (about $8-$9), but it is so worth it.

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