Tuesday, April 26

Hungarian Pastry Shop

This place is pretty much known by all Columbians.  It is legendary.  Many a-books have been read and written here and many a-pastries have been consumed here.  On Amsterdam Ave. between 110th St. and 111th St., the inside of the shop is dark and cosy - in other words, perfect for holing up in the winter and getting some work done with a nice hot beverage.  During the nicer months, some outdoor tables line the street and offer a view of St. John the Divine Cathedral (and a partial view of that ever-so weird and ever-so entertaining sculpture outside the cathedral).

an illustrious bounty, to be sure
(two hazelnut things, two hungarian coffees, one
cappucino, and baklava)

In my experience, the different varieties of coffee and the hot chocolate are perfect, the apple cider more than satisfactory, the pastries delicious.  I will say that once I ordered some sort of cake that was dry and not very tasty, but haven't had that problem with the cakes since then.  The strudels are lovely and flakey (with the best filling being apple) and the eclairs are delectable.  My greatest discovery at this pastry shop, however, is this hazelnut creme thing.

the beautiful circular hazelnut thing

the inner workings

Somehow, I don't even know the name of this particular dessert.  The only way I can described it is to say that it is a sort-of Its-It.  Basically, a huge amount of hazelnut creme is sandwiched between two wafer-cookie things and the whole sandwich is covered in chocolate.  I love it.

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