Friday, April 29

Gracie Mews

The first meal I ever consumed in New York City was at this lovely diner at 81st St. & 1st Ave.  As a diner, Gracie Mews serves your traditional diner food: omelets, burgers, sandwiches, wraps.  The food is all pretty good and reasonably priced, but there are a few things that Gracie Mews does extraordinarily.

a panino with mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, and pesto
with those normal fries

chocolate shakes

The fries.  The normal potato fries are above average, but the sweet potato fries make those normal potatoes pale in comparison and will bring you to your knees.  They are crispy but gloriously of that mashed potato consistency on the inside.

the way to my heart

The black and white cookies.  I think these are the best B&W cookies in the city, hands down.  The cookie part is cake-like and the icing is perfectly sweet and the icing-to-cake ratio is dead on.

a black and white cookie

The rest of their desserts are similarly fantastic!  I say this from experience.

desserts from my first trip to NYC

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