Sunday, April 17


First of all, I NO LONGER HAVE A BAND AID GLUED TO MY FOREHEAD.  Rejoice, people!  Basically, the ER doctor that derma-glued my gash did not wait long enough to put the band aid on my forehead, which meant two things.  First, I could not remove the band aid for about ten days for fear that I would rip out the glue and reopen the cut.  Second, I had to wear band aids that were big enough to cover what was left of the original band aid, which was glued to a cut that is about 2 cm.  I looked a lot more hardcore than I really am.  This is relevant to this blog because I have to be really careful about exposing the new skin to UV rays or it will scar horribly and now that it is/was warm and sunny, I must be extra vigilant even as I search for the ultimate, refreshing summer beverage.

Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the money to sample every fortifying concoction on this island, so the immediate solution was to make smoothies.  Right off the bat, you need a blender.  I bought my blender for $20, and it is very useful when I make pesto, smoothies, and other beverages that maybe require some crushed ice.  Not that I have anything particular in mind.

As for the smoothie itself, you all know what you like.  I like a beverage that is sweet and a little bit tart or acidic and I don't like any dairy products in my smoothies as they permeate and detract from the pure essence of the fruit.  Not that I feel strongly about this.  This is how I most recently made a smoothie, but obviously there is wiggle room.

Pure, Unadulterated Smoothie Goodness

Orange Peach Mango juice
1/2 apple (something tart like Pink Lady, Jazz, or Granny Smith)
1/3 banana
1 packet of mango puree (courtesy of Trader Joe's)
1/2 bag mixed frozen mixed berries
1/2 bag frozen pineapple slices 

Add the desired portions to get the your ultimate ratio.  Blend.  Bam.  Smoothie.

I spent $20 on this and made two full batches of about 4 glasses each before I ran out of ingredients.  I still have plenty of juice left and 2 more packets of mango puree.  Let the snacking begin.

Summer is coming, people.  Heads up!  And later please remind me, in a downtrodden state, of my current exuberance.  Here's Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World."

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