Wednesday, May 25

Brussel Sprouts Al Lindsay

I think brussels sprouts are an underrepresented vegetable.  They are incredibly healthy for you - benefits include DNA and cancer protection, as well as a ridiculous amount of vitamin K (about 250% of your daily value in one cup), vitamin C, and tons of other stuff.  And brussel sprouts actually taste really good when cooked correctly.  I stole this particular method of cooking brussel sprouts from my mother, and she stole it from a family friend (Lindsay... hence the title).  Basically, the vegetables are slowly cooked and then infused with vinegar flavoring.

Brussel Sprouts Al Lindsay

brussel sprouts
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

Cut the brussel sprouts by trimming the stems (or where the stems were) and then cutting them in half.  Heat a reasonable amount of olive oil in a pan over medium heat.  Lay the brussel sprouts flat on the pan and slowly cook them for about 20-30 minutes.  The goal is to brown the bottoms gradually.  When they're ready, throw some balsamic vinegar until the pan and let the vegetables sear while absorbing the vinegar.  Consume happily.

I'm fairly positive my mother refused to make brussel sprouts because the most common way to make them is by boiling or steaming, which all too often results in mushy, overcooked, and flavorless vegetables.  Now they are a frequent dish at the dinner table.  Trader Joe's sells packs of brussel sprouts, but you can also get stalks of brussel sprouts from farmer's markets (and thus feel so much color as you cart your plant-bit home).

Here is George Michael's version of "Feeling Good":

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