Tuesday, May 24

Dates and Cream Cheese

I know, I know, right off the bat the combination seems really really strange.  But the combination works really well.  Dates are a really sweet fruit (apparently they grew along the Nile in ancient Egypt...?) that are full of fiber, with a lAZittle bit of potassium and other vitamins and minerals (like calcium and magnesium).  Cream cheese really isn't good for you - low in sugar, but high in saturated fat and cholesterol - but what are you going to do.  Fresh dates are excellent, but dried dates are just as good and last longer.  The dried dates are usually found near the raisins in the supermarket.

Dates and Cream Cheese

cream cheese

Slit one side of the date lengthwise and remove the seed (which always remind me of pecans for some reason).  Stuff the date with enough cream cheese to satisfy your date-to-cream-cheese ratio.

dates are kind of funky looking

a lone date stuffed with cream cheese

Something about the sweet dates and the cream cheese complement each other... don't bash it until you've tried it.  Today I re-explored some classic rock, so here's Boston's "Peace of Mind":

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