Friday, May 20

Zachary's Pizza

I love authentic Italian pizza, but the Chicago-style pizza of Zachary's Pizza pretty much makes me cry with joy.  If you've never had Chicago-style pizza, it is a deep-dish pizza with the tomato sauce on top of everything.  Their best pizzas are a little expensive (about $27 for a large) but this is why you go with your parents or with a big group of friends.  It is really filling, so don't be too worried.  There are a couple different locations, but I go to the one on Solano Ave. in Berkeley (address is 1853 Solano Ave.).

Above all, I recommend the spinach and mushroom pizza.  My family also goes for the pepperoni.  The restaurant is a lot of fun, with pizza-inspired artwork all over the place, but the most amazing part about going to get pizza all the way in Berkeley at this place is to get the pizzas half-baked.  (They quite literally "half-bake" it and then give you instructions as to how to finish the masterpiece in the oven.  I suggest calling your mom/dad/sister/dog and telling them to preheat the oven so it will be ready when you get back.)  This way, you still get fresh pizza in the privacy of your own home.

baking the half-baked


spinach and mushroom

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