Sunday, May 29

Marin Greek Festival

the dancers
(particularly the astounding Alexis)
Go to the Greek Festival!  The music is fantastic, the people are wonderful, the dancing is splendid, and the food is to die for.  Seriously, this food is the food that I compare all other Greek food to (and everything else always falls short).  It ends tomorrow and won't be back until next year, so get on it!

Just to explain a little, the Marin Greek Festival is an annual event that the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church puts on every year.  This is actually the fortieth festival (since 1971).  Anyway, the festival takes place at the church.  The inside/rec room is full of food and various merchants selling everything from gorgeous earrings to ouzo candy (SO. GOOD.).  Outside they sell more food and there are tons of tables under the trees and live music.  The church also participates in many folk dance festivals throughout the year, so every hour or so one of their dance groups dances traditional Greek dances decked out in full, handmade, traditional Greek costumes.  This year their eldest group won second place at FDF (the folk dance festival) so they are clearly fantastic.  Make sure you go!

the desserts 

too many things to name
(including dolmathes and pilafi)

tiropita and souvlaki

the youngest dance group

galaktobouriko and baklava

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