Tuesday, May 10


Pisticci is another Italian restaurant in the Morningside Heights/Columbia Area.  It's on La Salle St. between Broadway and Claremont Ave.  The restaurant is really cute and they have a little patio area out in the front that is incredibly nice in the sun.  So far, I've really enjoyed brunch (nutella con pane, what what) and desserts here, but if you are interested in dinner, I would recommend just going around the corner to Bettalona instead.  The one time I had dinner here, I enjoyed the meal, but I thought I could have made something almost as good for much less of the price (I think I got the fettucine al funghi).

That said, my lovely friend Margaret and I communed over some coffee and dessert on Saturday and it was quite pleasant.  We each got an iced caffelatte and then split a frangelico chocolate mousse.  It was a lovely treat to take a break from finals and relax in the sun/intermittent rain.

everything is so nice and summer-like!

The iced coffee was as it should be, refreshing and flavorful without being two sweet.  The chocolate mousse was yummy, too.  The frangelico was more of a subtle taste and the chocolate was the main flavor, but at the end of the day, is that really a problem?  Plus, the raspberries, whip cream, and mint are all classics.

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