Monday, May 2

Veniero's Pasticceria

One of my professors showed this place to me and as a result she has changed my life.  Veniero's Pasticceria kind of sucks to get to if you don't have much time.  Located on 11th St. right off of 1st Ave., the shop is closest to Union Square so try to take the subway there and walk southeast.

It is true-Italian/European style, so everything is more expensive if you sit down and enjoy the ambiance, but it's not too bad.  They offer all sorts of coffee - including caffè corretto ("corrected coffee" or coffee with a little something extra... oh you Italians make me laugh) - and cakes and cookies and gelato.  Furthermore, they serve tartufo (a ball of gelato covered in chocolate shavings with a cherry in the middle) that was perfectly adequate as it was the first time I've seen it in this country, but nowhere near as good as the tartufo I had in Rome.

If you have the chance to head over to Veniero's, here's what you absolutely must try: the cannoli (there's like four different varieties... I don't care.  Choose one), the tarts (regular-sized to mini, kiwi to blueberry), the little fruit rugalas (especially the raspberry rugala), and the pistachio-tulip cup (it's a chocolate cup filled with pistachio cream and Bavarian cream and God knows what else).

all the goodies

If you have to choose just one thing, try the cannoli.  I can't be anywhere on the East Side without purchasing one.

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  1. Tartufo in Rome on Piazza Novena: Tre Scalini! You haven't lived until you had it there.
    A worthy goal to pursue.