Saturday, May 7

Ciao Bella - Blackberry Cabernet

I have to tell the world about this.  Ciao Bella is a gelato and sorbet company that started in San Francisco (represent!) and is now taking over the world.  Meaning it is spreading to other lovely place, like New York City.  But even if there isn't a Ciao Bella store near you, you can still buy pints of their ice cream at most grocery stores.

Ice cream is getting painfully expensive, especially for a college student.  A pint goes for about $5.69 in New York, which causes me physical pain.  BUT it gets cheaper if you share with someone else.  Plus, half a pint of ice cream is still cheaper than getting a few scoops of ice cream anywhere in Manhattan.

Point being, try the pint of Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet.  It is so good.  You will not regret the $6.

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