Sunday, May 22

Good Luck Dim Sum

A family friend of mine introduced me to this place about five years ago and it is now the dim sum place that I compare to all others.  Good Luck Dim Sum is on Clement St. in San Francisco between 8th Ave. and 9th Ave.  While it may not be the absolute best dim sum place in the city, it is definitely the cheapest.  They have everything you could ever need.  Except maybe bubble tea, but that's alright.  Most dumplings go for around $1.60/3 pieces and it's incredibly difficult to spend more than $10 on food for two people without getting sick.

look at all the boxes that will soon be filled with food
and will then go out into the world!

The shop itself isn't too much (it is another one of those hole-in-the-wall places) and I'd recommend taking the food to go and driving to Golden Gate Park or Ocean Beach or something.  And most of the people who work there aren't especially friendly, but they have the awesome task of preparing dim sum for the world so we can forgive anything.


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