Tuesday, May 3

Produce at Westside Market

Hello people... So many many excellent things are in season now which means fruit and vegetables for all! A couple things to look at for now, prices are from Westside Market:

  • Pineapple - $4/each
    • About pineapple: the way to tell if it is ripe is to try to pull out one of the leafy things (what are those called?!  Offshoots, maybe...?) on the top.  If it comes out easily, it is ripe!
  • Grapefruit - $3/5 grapefruit
    • during the winter, for whatever reason, they go for $2/4 grapefruit, so you are really only paying an extra $0.10 per grapefruit but I give you license to grumble about it
    • be careful which ones you choose, some have reportedly dried out!
  • Corn - $2/4 ear
    • who decided to call it an ear of corn?
    • check if it is good by pulling back all that crap and looking at it
  • Green beans - $1.29/lb
    • green beans prices can vary from $1/lb to like $4/lb depending on the season.  I am usually only willing to pay in the $1-$1.29/lb range, even for green beans
  • Watermelon - $0.69-$0.79/lb
    • the whole watermelons cost $0.69/lb which adds up super quickly and is a bit horrifying
    • I suggest buying a quarter of a melon at $0.79/lb... the range from $3 to $5 and your cutting efforts will be drastically lessened. 

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