Sunday, May 1


This place, Kyotofu, is in Hell's Kitchen - 9th Ave. between 48th & 49th St.  It's a Japanese dessert bar and bakery and they basically make a whole bunch of American dishes with a Japanese twist and Japanese desserts and everything is very unusual and good.

a pumpkin soup appetizer

The entrées are beautifully presented and amazing.

sake-infused mac & cheese (with Japanese spices)
and a salad with a delicious dressing

deliciousness for vegetarians everywhere:
atataki cha soba noodles

Another favorite was their chicken & tofu burger.  Topped with a purple cabbage thing (not entirely sure what is was but it was gooood), the burger was beautifully paired with some sweet potato chips.

Finally, the desserts.  

the chef's dessert selection: matcha green tea creme brulee,
vegan vairhona chocolate cake, signature sweet tofu  

The larger chef's selection also includes a sweet potato cake and some green tea chocolates.  Although the originals are all classics, Kyotofu's desserts are totally worth it.  

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